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What Our Partners Say

"Not only are they personal friends of mine, they are extremely professional with a comprehensive understanding of what Brunching is and should be in Dubai. Extremely worthwhile and not to mention tons of fun getting to know and work with them."
Svet Kucic, Community Manager, Media One Hotel

"Mr and Mrs Brunch are possibly the first words you hear and remember when thinking about brunches in Dubai. They are also the first point of contact when you really need some help in deciding where to go.

What is even better – they are also there to answer any questions or guide us outside of the app environment. That personal touch is what makes Mr and Mrs Brunch unique.  
Besides being so helpful, on the personal level, they are a very cheerful and exciting couple, characterizing the young and vibrant Dubai spirit that travelers and residents alike can recognize and aspire to.

Great pleasure working, hanging out and brunch-ing with them"


Dusty Tourani, Owner, Dustys DIFC

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